How To Find Your Ideal Wardrobe Size.

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An important part of transitioning or even upgrading your wardrobe is understanding exactly how many clothes you actually need. This new free lesson from the Wonder Wardrobe Video course will not only save you money, but also put that annoying ‘what do I wear today?’ question to rest.

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Daria Andronescu
Daria Andronescu

Since 2009 I’ve been working as an international personal shopper, creating multifunctional seasonal capsule wardrobes that help our environment and clients all over the world.

After gathering my professional experience and education in Milan, I’ve developed my own special method on building the perfect wardrobe - the Wonder Wardrobe. I’ve been working on it for a couple of years, constantly perfecting and testing my ideas on real people with real wardrobe issues.

Now I am sharing this successfully tested method with you so you can build a personal, multifunctional, well organised wardrobe containing an ideal amount of beautiful, fully interchangeable outfits that reduce waste and support sustainable fashion brands.

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